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                Jaw Crusher

                【Feed particle size】:400/1020mm
                【Application field】:Mining, smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries
                【Applicable material】:Granite, basalt, limestone, river pebble, iron ore, bluestone, quartzite, construction waste crushing, etc.
                National 24-hour sales hotline:400-006-1987
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                  SJ-PE series jaw crusher is a high-efficiency and energy-saving coarse crusher independently developed by Zhejiang Shuangjin Machinery Group Co., Ltd. according to the needs of market customers and for the mine sandstone production line.

                  The jaw crusher specifications meet the national standards, and its performance and structure adopt a systematic and comprehensive optimization design, featuring high strength, reliability and durability, large crushing force and high output. At present, this type of E-break has a high market share and is widely used for the crushing of various materials with a crushing strength of not more than 320 MPa, especially for the coarse crushing of large hard materials. The body adopts integral cast steel structure, which is stable and reliable.
                  1. The machine body adopts integral cast steel structure with high strength and good stability;
                       2. The eccentric shaft has high rotation speed, large breaking capacity and high output;
                       3. The crushing ratio is large and the product granularity is uniform;
                       4. The hydraulic discharge opening adjustment device and the screw-type discharge opening adjustment device can be selected by the customer, with good flexibility, saving time                and effort;
                       5. Simple structure, reliable work and low operating costs.
                       6. equipment energy saving, directly reduce production costs;
                       7. The adjustment range of the discharge opening is large, which can meet the requirements of different users;
                       8, low noise, smooth operation, less dust.
                1-motor, 2-belt, 3-actuator, 4-eccentric shaft, 5-belt pulley, 6-moving raft, 7-fixed raft, 8-bend, 9-bend pad
                       As shown in the above figure, the working principle of the jaw crusher is that the motor 1 drives the belt 2 and the pulley 5, and the movable jaw 3 is moved in a plane by the eccentric shaft 4. When the movable jaw 3 rises, the angle between the brackets 8 changes. Large, thereby pushing the seesaw 6 to approach the fixed jaw 7 while the material is squeezed; when the movable jaw 3 descends, the angle between the brackets 8 becomes smaller, and the movable jaw 6 leaves under the action of the tension spring The raft 7 is fixed, and the crushed material is discharged from the crushing chamber at this time. As the motor rotates continuously, it breaks down and periodically crushes the material to achieve continuous production.

                model Feed port size length × width (mm) Maximum feed size(mm) Drainage range(mm) Processing capacity(t/h) Motor Power(KW) Machine reference weight(Kg)
                SJ-PE500*900 500×900 ≤400 60~150 50~150 75 19000
                SJ-PE750*1060 750×1060 ≤630 80~140 160~300 160 28000
                SJ-PE900*1200 900×1200 ≤750 95~200 250~500 185 43000
                SJ-PE1200*1500 1200×1500 ≤1020 150~250 300~800 200 90000
                SJ-PE1300*1600 1300×1600 ≤1100 150~300 800~1200 200 100000

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